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Sharing a photo or video from your gallery to WhatsApp on iPhone

If you’ve got an image or video saved to your photo gallery, you’re able to view and send it to a WhatsApp contact all within the app itself.

Follow the 6 steps below

Step 1 of 6. Open WhatsApp

Open WhatsApp. Tap the WhatsApp Icon on your device.

Open WhatsApp

Please not: That your device may not look exactly like this. Icons may be in a different place for example.

Step 2 of 6. Open the chat group

Tap on the chat conversation you want to send a photo.

Open the chat group

Step 3 of 6. Locating your photo/video

Tap the Share Media button.
(It’s the up-arrow in a circle right next to the text field).

Locating your photo/video

Step 4 of 6. Edit your photo/video

Make any edits to the photo/video or add a caption.

Edit your photo/video

Please note: If you don’t want to edit your image you don’t need top and you can move to the next step

Step 5 of 6. Add another photo/video

Tap the Add another photo/video button if you wish to send more than one photo/video from your camera roll at one time. It’s the “+” next to the thumbnails at the bottom.

Add another photo/video

Step 6 of 6. Send!

Tap Send when you’re ready.
(This may take a little time depending on your wifi connection/signal strength and the size of the maid you are sharing