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What does April do?

We provide a free to access website dedicated to helping you get the most out of your everyday technology which contains step-by-step guides, easy to follow videos and lots of other help in the ‘Find Help‘ section. We also provide a telephone support line that you can call and get more help if you have signed up to April.

How much does the service cost?

After the 3 month free trial, we charge £21.00 (including VAT) for a 3 month subscription. We take payment upfront from your bank account or payment card.

What personal data do you collect about me?

We collect your full name, birth year, email address and current address so we can identify you. We also ask for details of your devices and information about your hobbies and interests when you sign up. This is to help us provide you with a more personal service but you don’t have to give us this information if you don’t want to. We will never sell your data to anyone else. We also record any calls to the helpline but they are not recorded against your user profile and we would only access the call records in the event of a complaint or other problem. Please read our privacy policy for more detail on this.

Is there a minimum term?

Yes, it is 3 months. Your subscription renews for further periods of 3 months at the same price unless you cancel it. You can cancel your subscription by calling our helpline or emailing us. Your subscription will finish at the end of your current 3 month subscription.

Can I cancel the service if I don’t like it?

Of course. You can cancel the service by calling our helpline or emailing us. Your subscription will finish at the end of your current 3 month subscription. You also have 14 days after the date you first sign-up to change your mind on use of the service.

Are there any restrictions to what I can do with the service?

Your subscription is personal to you. You can’t make multiple copies of the material on the website and/or make any commercial use of it. You can share articles with your friends on condition that neither you nor they make any money from the articles.

Are you liable if I do something wrong online?

No, we are not liable for any problems or loss that you suffer due to your activities online. We do our best to ensure that all our materials and our advice are as accurate as possible and tailored to your individual needs. However, we cannot always guarantee that our advice is specifically tailored and/or that you don’t inadvertently do something that exposes you to risk in your use of technology. You should always contact our helpline if you have concerns or issues – that is the best way to stay safe online.

Read our privacy policy and full terms of service here