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Change your Apple ID password

It’s a good idea to change your password from time to time, especially if you think someone else might know it. Follow these steps to change your Apple ID password on your iPhone.

Follow the 5 steps below

Step 1 of 5. Open settings

Tap the Settings icon on your device.

Once your in your settings scroll down and you’ll be able see the ‘General’ Option to tap on.

Open settings

Step 2 of 5. Tap Apple ID

Once that’s done tap the Apple ID banner at the top of the screen.

Tap Apple ID

Step 3 of 5. Password & Security

Tap on ‘Password & Security’

Password & Security

Step 4 of 5. Change password

Once that’s done you’ll be given the option to change password

Change password

Step 5 of 5. Enter passcode

You’ll then be asked for the passcode of your phone (Might not be necessary if you don’t have one)

Enter passcode