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Volunteering with April

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What is April Volunteers?

April is here to link the tech savvy to the tech needy.

A free to access, telephone tech-support service for older people.

About You

Perhaps you’re young enough to have grown up with technology, or simply take everything in your stride, using it every day to shop, connect and engage. Can you actually remember what it’s like not to effortlessly tell a speaker to play music? Maybe we take it all for granted, but for the elderly it can be a real mystery

The people you’ll be helping

The rapid advance of technology can also rapidly leave many behind, those who are still playing catch-up just as a device or system becomes obsolete.

Can you imagine what Lockdown is like for them at the moment? Forget voice-activating your indoor raver playlist, how do they simply get to grips with shopping online, or even communicate with family and friends.

That’s just what April is here for. And you can make a difference.

Who can volunteer?

You don’t need to be a IT professional, just comfortable with your apps, gadgets and smartphones to Google, Uber and Deliveroo your way through life. If you do have more knowledge to share, great, we can set you up as a specialist.

Technology aside, you just need a friendly voice, a little bit of patience and a nice line in empathy to reach out and make a difference.

You also need to be over 18 and have a little time on your hands. Um, wonder who has that at the moment?

How much time can I give?

An hour a week is a great start, and if you can match our volunteer average of 3 hours a week, that will certainly make a difference.

Signing up

We’ll give you access to our volunteer platform and tools that allow you to book volunteer slots, receive calls and stay connected with the rest of the volunteer network.

The only things you need to provide are a computer, a decent internet connection and a headset/headphones.

I’m in! How do I get started?

You can apply online at myapril.co.uk/volunteers/apply.