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Taking notes on your iPhone

Sometimes it can be useful to use your phone to take notes – maybe for a shopping list or a friend’s address. This film shows how you can use the notes app to do just that.

Watch this short video or follow the 4 steps below


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Step 1 of 4. Open Notes

Tap the Notes icon on your device.

Step 2 of 4. Open Folders

Tap on ‘notes’ (This is where you’ll be able to organise your notes into different folders)
Tap the pen and paper icon on the bottom left of the screen to start

Step 3 of 4. Create Note

Once you’ve done this the keyboard will appear on the bottom your phone and you can type what you wish.

Step 4 of 4. Add to Folder

Tap done on the top right of screen to add it to your folder
(You can adjust it at anytime by tapping on it again.)

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