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How to take a video on your iPhone/iPad

How to take a video on your iPhone/iPad

Follow the 5 steps below

Step 1 of 5. Open Camera

Tap the Camera icon on your device

Step 2 of 5. Creating a video

You’ll see the options of videos’s / pictures you can take
swipe your finger towards the right which will take you to the video option

Step 3 of 5. Start recording

Tap the Red button on the bottom of the screen to start the video
(it tells you how long the video is at the top of the screen)

Step 4 of 5. Stop recording

Once you’ve recorded the all the footage you need tap the red button again to stop the video

Step 5 of 5. Photos

You will then be able to access the video by tapping the photo icon on the bottom left of the screen
(This will then take you to your camera roll)

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